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Diversity: Create your professional and personal website


Yoctown : A multipurpose platform

Regardless of your needs, for a personal or professional use, we provide you the possibility of freely expressing yourself on a website. In fact, the websites will be suitable as much for companies as for associations or particulars. You can either create free websites (by default) or add options thereafter, some of them being charged. All of this in order to make your website even more professional and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

The free version as for it, is strongly recommended for particulars. In fact, this version provides all thematic customizations and sections people can need in a non professional context. You will be able to add your pictures, create web pages and customize your website.

Make a professional website for its company

For companies : It is vital for you to have a website. Do not let competitors be the only ones to communicate on this ground full of clients: the Internet. Your business would be quickly marginalized. You should not let big groups or multinationals take your clients, because if by any chance you are not present on the web, those will turn to another company.

As a result, you have to mark your territory on the web from today, it will only cost you time, especially if you create a free website on Yoctown. Communicate with your clients, present your products, let the search engines know you exist, impose yourself with keywords, be trackable and clickable on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Website creation for particulars

For Particulars : Eager of communicate with your friends, share your passions? No problem, Yoctown is made for you. Write articles, upload your last holiday pictures, write web pages, and be present on the Internet. Moreover, you can use your web page to correspond a way or another with your teachers in the context of high school or university practical works or tutorials. You can also share work team via websites which could be created on the Yoctown platform.

Yoctown’s free version provides slide shows and photo albums which could have descriptions and comments. Not forgetting the possibility of creating a blog, that you can complete and enhance over time, expressing your impressions, your experiences and your personal history.

A quality website

A quality website is not limited to a certain number of static text pages, it has to have different modules (blog, photo albums, forms, google maps …) and be interactive: have interactions between the visitors and you.

Knowing that your website reflects your image, you cannot take the liberty of having something “ugly, not design, old-fashioned and outdated”. That’s why we provide you a set of graphic kit, also called design, for a clear browsing and a professional result.

Then you will only have to work on your website SEO, for example by adding it in adapted directories, writing your website address on your business card etc…