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Who are we?


Yoctown is an Internet platform, or more precisely online and free website software. The platform was launched in 2007. Since its launch, it benefited from the most advanced and innovative web technologies. It is accessible to all, and it requires no specific programming knowledge. In a view to stay in harmony with current web technical tendencies, Yoctown did a complete transformation. Thanks to that, it can stay in accordance with current requirements on the Internet. Thanks to Yoctown, you benefit from an intuitive website and interface – easy to use, free and compatible mobile – that meet as much particulars as companies needs. It was developed by web professionals (graphic designers, programmers, referrers…) With Yoctown, you are your own webmaster, you deal with your site on your own via the administrator interface and decide the changes to make, without resorting to another person.

If you call on Yoctown, you do not need to resort to web professional services, it allows saving money and having a quality website at the same time, as much on hosting, design as on the administrative aspect. In a short period, Yoctown allows you getting a website in accordance with your expectations, but also with search engines’ ones. In case of a professional website, numerous additional services are provided in order to allow you exploiting your company’s potential at best. Search engines as much as your company’s clients will see a totally-professional website, adapted to your professional activity. Besides, when using Yoctown Exclusive option, you can have a .com extension, that is to say without the “Yoctown” mention within the URL.

At a lower cost, Yoctown is a platform which offers you a quality service so that you can create a website, in harmony with web 3.0 technical and technological requirements. It is at the same time easy to use and open to everyone, without necessary programming or webmastering knowledge. You just have to register on our website for free, in order to begin the realization of your Internet project.