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Just a few clicks to create your website!


Create your website quickly and in a few clicks

You think creating a website takes time, costs money… You will be surprised by our online software's ease of use and speed. All was done to make your life easier as much as possible, and not to make you lose time in hard and repetitive tasks such as programming. Just focus on your website content, we deal with the rest.

You just have to choose the name of your website, a password, register and then your website is ready.

Création d'un site en quelques clics

Then, via the administrative interface, you can add, create, edit and modify your sections and units in all simplicity. You can easily select, choose or modify the website’s designs thanks to a multitude of available colors.

Create a free website in a few steps

Creating a website on Yoctown is free. Adding text, images in an album or creating a blog: all is simplified to be as quick as possible and to be accessible to everyone. Regardless of your IT knowledge level, you are in position to create a free website on Yoctown. Moreover, Yoctown offers you numerous tutorials so that you can succeed to add extra units, it provides you tips for the main steps during the creation of your website…

With Yoctown, you can quickly create personal websites, including blogs. With Yoctown’s free offer, particulars have most of the units and sections they need. Users have a basic storage capacity for their pictures. They can freely add multimedia via Youtube or Dailymotion links.

Create a website quickly

With Yoctown, you do not spend long period on integrating your units, placing your medias or even making sure that the text correctly appears on pages. In fact, the platform adapts to everyone, including beginners. Craftsmen, freelancers, event companies or even very small businesses’ websites can be done quickly and efficiently. Quickly, freely but also with a secure hosting dedicated to the website.